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A long time has passed by since those days when the company founder Leopold Munk made the first ladders in skilled manual labour. However, the original philosophy “Think further and achieve higher goals” is still true today for all those who work permanently on new solutions in our company.

At the same time, it is our declared goal to solely produce in Germany in the future and thus permanently secure both domestic jobs as well as the excellent level of our products.

Thinking ahead – secure the future



Eventful milestones of GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK

Where we are, is up. For over 116 years, the family Munk has dedicated itself to Steigtechnik – and has had great success: Our company is one of the leading in its field. This rise, of course, has reasons: Passion and inventiveness are part of tradition for many generations. The same applies to a clear commitment to our home region, the location Günzburg and thus to the people who live and work here. Thanks to this solid foundation, the GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK is ideally equipped for future challenges. With foresight, customer focus and creativity. Thus we maintain our leading position in the field of climbing technology – and will convince you in the future with solutions that bring you “on top” in terms of economy and safety at work.

Company history


Shaping and sustaining the future.


The GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK is committed to the objective and guiding principle, in their business processes to sustainably pursue the motto “Shape the future, sustain future”. To sustain the livelihood of future generations and establish social justice is a maxim. The economic success should be permanent and the measures and investment necessary proportionate and compatible with the sustainability approach.





Whether it involves ladders, mobile scaffolding, or special solutions for the maintenance of technical installations – the GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK is recognised far beyond Europe as a premium supplier for such requests. This is primarily because we do not just make big promises, but also fulfil them consistently: On our products, we offer you – unique in the industry – a quality guarantee of not less than 15 years.



We are proud of our awards and motivated to continue with innovative access solutions everywhere!


As an innovative company, we focus on quality and continuous improvement of occupational safety through quality access solutions. Made in Germany is for us quality feature and constant incentive. Therefore, we are very pleased, when we experience confirmation from an independent source in order to be on the right track with our products, ideas and values!



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Start your professional life with the GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK.


Are you searching for a professional training or a way for a dual degree? Are you planning to start your career? Or do you want to apply your previous experience at GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK? We know the importance of our professionals for the success of GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK. As a medium-sized family business, we stand for short and quick decision-making processes, clear communication, and freedom for entrepreneurial activity. Due to our wide product range we offer a variety of interesting and challenging tasks. If you want to work in a motivated team, you should act.

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