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Always one step ahead


Constantly improving

With our intelligent product innovations for ladders, we consistently demonstrate that we are the pace-setter when it comes to access technology. Smart products and product details with practical added value for our customers are, after all, our first priority.

Ladders with added value for a healthy back

Rung ladders with 'roll-bar' stabilisers for pulling the ladders help keep employees in industry and trade healthy. For this reason, more and more company doctors and occupational health workers are recommending ergonomic access technology from Günzburg.

Chronic back pain is still the number one cause of work-related stoppage time. This means it is only logical that it is better to wheel rung ladders than to carry them. Those who pull rather than carry the ladder save about half of the carrying weight and are relieved of a significant load. The user’s back is happy, and the employer, too, since people have less time off work with back pain.

'roll-bar' stabiliser

Wheeling instead of carrying: Rely on increased stability and ideal convenience when changing location with step and rung ladders. The 'roll-bar' stabiliser allows sturdy and correspondingly heavy rung ladders to be moved easily from one spot to another - even when extended.

This protects your back and improves your health. The 'roll-bar' stabiliser is included separately and is screwed onto the lower end of the side rail in two places.

nivello® ladder shoes

The nivello® ladder shoe has 4 times the surface area of conventional ladder shoes and comes with a mobile joint to ensure it is constantly in full-surface contact with the ground. Uneven floors are compensated for and the anti-slip properties are increased.

nivello® stabiliser

Increase working safety by using rung ladders with the extra-wide nivello® stabiliser. The nivello® stabiliser is equipped on both sides with slip-resistant and flexible nivello® ladder shoes. The nivello® stabiliser is included separately and is screwed onto the lower end of the side rail in two places.

ergo-pad® grip area

The ergo-pad® is an ergonomically shaped grip zone on step ladders that is affixed to the ladder's ideal carrying point. This means that the ladder can be carried around its centre of gravity, protecting your back. The integrated clamping mechanism secures the side-rails when folded and makes handling easier.

'safe-cap' ladder joint

For single-sided step ladders, the optimised ladder joint with 'safe-cap'. with its larger contact surface and six-fold riveting as well as higher wall thickness, provides even more stability and protection at this sensitive point.

The ladder's service life is prolonged. The 'safe-cap' is made of robust plastic and protects the ladder contact surfaces, walls, vehicle loading surfaces and of course the joint itself during use, loading and storage.

clip-step R13 step padding

The clip-step R13 step padding is a certified, non-slip coating for our step ladders. With its synthetic material profile including its aluminium oxide particles, the clip-step R13 step padding meets the specifications of classification group R13 and was classified with V6 for the displacement space in this classification group.

The step padding clip-step R13 provides for increased workplace safety, particularly in wet or oil-contaminated work environments. According to DIN EN 131, the clip-step R13 step padding is fitted up to the highest accessible step with step ladders accessible from both sides, functioning as a visual check for the correct use of the ladder.

clip-step step padding

Live up to the increased requirements on work safety and provide for optimised non-slip property, safe step and comfortable standing on our step ladders. The step padding made of grooved synthetic material is clipped onto the full surface of the step and is an exact fit.

According to DIN EN 131, the clip-step step padding is applied up to the highest accessible step with step ladders accessible from both sides, functioning as a visual check for the correct use of the ladder.

clip-step relax step padding

The clip-step relax step padding pads the front edge of the ladder step, providing increased comfort during prolonged periods of working on the ladder. The step padding is made of a high-quality rubber compound and is integrated into the leading edge of the clip-step tread.

The user on the ladder can conveniently support himself/herself on the next step since the soft step padding provides a pleasant and safe hold, thus making work easier.

Spring-loaded castors

When in an unladen condition, double-sided ladders can be easily moved thanks to the four self-locking, 80-mm-diameter fixed wheels at the side-rail ends. Two detachable metal struts connect both ladder sections and provide for excellent stability. Spring-mounted wheels are also available at a surcharge.

Augsburg Technology Centre

"We invest sustainably in research and development, because as a quality manufacturer with a claim to innovation and leadership, we want to make our access technology solutions fit for the future and constantly adapt them to changing processes and specifications. We set the course for this a few years ago, joining the Augsburg Technology Centre, for example. Here, we benefit from short pathways on development projects. In addition, we have set up our own innovation workshop at the Günzburg site, which focuses on the access technology of the future and strategic projects to safeguard the future."
(Ferdinand Munk, Managing Director of Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH)