Eventful milestones of GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK

Where we are, is up. For over 116 years, the family Munk has dedicated itself to Steigtechnik – and has had great success: Our company is one of the leading in its field. This rise, of course, has reasons: Passion and inventiveness are part of tradition for many generations. The same applies to a clear commitment to our home region, the location Günzburg and thus to the people who live and work here. Thanks to this solid foundation, the GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK is ideally equipped for future challenges. With foresight, customer focus and creativity. Thus we maintain our leading position in the field of climbing technology – and will convince you in the future with solutions that bring you “on top” in terms of economy and safety at work.


Establishment of the wheelwright by Leopold Munk

The story of the GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK begins in 1899. At that time, the 23-year-old Leopold Munk founded a wheelwright in the Swabian village of Reisenburg. Even then he was inspired by a pioneering spirit: The great-grandfather of the current managing director Ferdinand Munk drew first a bicycle through Reisensburg and already anno 1906 its production equipment was driven by engine power.

In the early years of the last century, more and more ladders left the mechanical wheelwright Leopold Munk, and after the First World War, the complete conversion of production to fire brigade, home and garden ladders took place. A decision that had to pay off: Products made by Munk were in the region soon first choice and in 1925 Leopold Head, designed a garden ladder that was promptly awarded the gold medal at the Crafts Fair in Munich.


From village to village, criss-crossing the country in all weathers

From 1925, the company Munk increasingly spread further and further. As the first in Reisensburg, Ludwig Munk owns a motorcycle and is tirelessly en route with it. His goal: the fire departments and municipalities of the region. Always there as a travel companion in the backpack: the self-made model of a multi-part, extendable fire brigade ladder. Today we would probably just call something like that “promotion tour”, but then it was a sensational pioneering achievement. Soon both Ludwig and his ladder were the success story in the whole area, and continued on its run, known for their iron stamina: The beginning of the 1950s the company Leopold Munk Leiternbau is founded. Ludwig gives up the wheelwright and is devoted henceforth entirely to the construction of high-quality ladders. In 1969, the first patent application can be celebrated: Special supports for garden ladders.

Professional customer loyalty with charm and charisma

With charm, charisma, and a sense of humour Leopold Munk illustrated to the customers and visitors the latest technical achievements of his company in detail. He thus practised even then on indigenous and highly efficient way what one likes to call today a little pretentious “customer relationship management” professional customer loyalty that acts far beyond the moment.

Since 1974, company boss, the grandson of the company founder modernised the entire machinery, expanded the range of products and dedicated himself with enthusiasm to his second great passion, the fire service. A celebration of Florian disciples without Leopold? Unthinkable! He knew everybody, had an impressive memory and often knew to tell more about those in attendance than their next of kin. However, he excelled not only with amusing anecdotes, but also as a clever tinkerer. The result was a whole range of novel products such as hose bridges, levers, and drive-on planks.
Using this innovation Leopold Munk promoted  the company to soon become the leading supplier to the region fire brigade.


At the tender age of about 20 years Ferdinand Munk decided that customers should not have to carry the heavy ladders made by Munk. For this reason he decided soon for the lightest ladders in literally sense of the word towards the future: the production of aluminium ladders.

“This is the material for the future, in which to invest”, he said with confidence and foresight and immediately embarked in action: In 1982 he founded the Ferdinand Munk Leiternbau company and devoted himself henceforth zealously to the design, development and manufacture as well as sales of ladders, mainly made of aluminium. And behold, he made an excellent choice: The modern Munk ladders were liked everywhere and soon in great demand throughout the region and even beyond. So he worked further with determination – until fate took the father from him far too soon. And so it happened that Ferdinand was already at the helm of Leopold Munk KG and barely two years later united the parent company with his own company – the GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK was born.

Under the leadership of Ferdinand Munk now as then, the development of new technologies and markets are in focus. Corporate strategy and product development are influenced by the philosophy of “climb smart”. In practice, this means that long-lasting quality is more important than cost savings at any price. The result is known: Today the Swabian family-owned company ranks among the top addresses for  access solutions. But that’s not all:
Even the welfare of his employees as well as his home region are very important to Ferdinand Munk. He supports them not only as an active local politician, but also by an enormous voluntarism, which was recently rewarded by the former Federal President Horst Köhler with the award of the Federal Cross of Merit.