The ML scaffolding from Günzburger Steigtechnik can be assembled in next to no time and quickly stored away again. It also fits through any door when assembled.  | © Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH The ML scaffolding from Günzburger Steigtechnik can be assembled in next to no time and quickly stored away again. It also fits through any door when assembled.  | © Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH

Do-it-yourself boom during the COVID-19 epidemic: safety first

Users should rely on ladders, small scaffolding and bridging platforms of professional quality with the "Made in Germany" cachet for gardening work in autumn


Press release 

Many people are enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers and hobby gardeners – and this especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are taking the time to beautify their house, yard and garden. And particularly in autumn, there are once again plenty of jobs on the to-do list. Now, the garden's bounty is being gathered in, and it's time to prune the fruit trees, clean the rain gutters and redecorate inside the home. To ensure that working at height remains an accident-free and safe pleasure, users should have access to functional tools and stable climbing aids: Experts clearly recommend professional quality "Made in Germany" here.

"The do-it-yourself boom has really taken off during the coronavirus epidemic. We also see this effect in autumn, which is the most important time for working in the garden and around the house. This year, there will certainly be even more do-it-yourselfers eager to carry out new projects and tackle the clean-up and repair work before winter. Despite all the exuberance, however, safety must not fall by the wayside. Accidents happen faster than you think", says climbing equipment expert Ferdinand Munk from Günzburg, referring to a study by the Robert Koch Institute. According to this study, one in three accidents occurs at home or in the garden, the most common cause being falls. 

According to the expert, it is therefore important to ensure professional quality not only for hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and chain saws. Users should also rely on access technology with the "Made in Germany" cachet for ladders, scaffolding and bridging platforms. "The more time people spend at home during the COVID-19 epidemic getting their home into shape, the greater the risk of accidents. In order to minimise this, do-it-yourselfers and gardening enthusiasts should definitely rely on products from specialist retailers. These ensure safe standing at height and offer a 15-year quality guarantee. Users can also rely on competent advice and be sure that all products comply with the applicable standards and regulations", continues Ferdinand Munk.

Professional quality from the specialist trade

High-quality ladders are characterised, for example, by robust connections between the steps or rungs and the side-rails. They have sufficiently large standing platforms and suitable accessories. The ladder shoe is particularly important. Here, the 2-axis inclination technology has set a new benchmark, because this new flexibility ensures perfect ground contact by the ladder shoe over its full surface. This in turn ensures maximum stability, which in the case of high-quality ladders is rounded off with a comprehensive range of safety accessories.

While ladders are suitable for individual jobs on solid, level ground, small mobile scaffolding or bridging platforms are required for large-scale works. They combine safety with convenience, can be set up in no time at all and stowed away just as quickly in the tool shed or garage to save space. "When you are trimming a hedge or working on the façade of a house, for instance tackling that long overdue repainting job, small scaffolding and bridging platforms are the right solutions. In addition to maximum safety, their spacious platforms also offer sufficient freedom of movement and space for paint buckets, toolboxes and cutting machines", says the expert.  

Additional safety features

Instead of queuing up at the DIY store like during the first wave of the coronavirus, this time DIY enthusiasts and people in the building trade should go to specialist retailers for their autumn sales promotion. According to Ferdinand Munk, the quality products appeal to customers with additional safety and equipment features that set them apart from the cheap products sold in DIY stores. This is also the view of leading do-it-yourself magazines. In them, high-quality products from Günzburger Steigtechnik have received several awards in product tests – for example the handy and stable ML ladder or the compact ML scaffolding. A new option is the FlexxTower one-person scaffolding, which allows working heights of up to around 6.10 metres to be reached. It can be safely assembled and disassembled by a single person without the need for tools and provides adequate space for two people on its platform.

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Günzburger Steigtechnik is one of the leading suppliers of access technology of all kinds. Its standard range comprises over 2,500 products and ranges from ladders for commercial, public and private use to mobile scaffolding, platforms and bridging steps, as well as rescue equipment and customised special designs. They include working and maintenance platforms, docking systems, walkways and assembly platforms, for example. Industry 4.0 is an everyday reality for the company since its customised products can be adapted automatically to any environment using state-of-the-art control technology. In terms of service, Günzburger Steigtechnik also offers repairs, maintenance and seminars.

The innovation and technology leader whose motto is "Climb smart!" is constantly turning heads with its new ideas that offer customers real added value in practical situations. The company has received multiple awards for its innovations, business development, responsible and sustainable activities and as a family-friendly employer.

Günzburger Steigtechnik is run by the fourth generation of the same family and manufactures its products exclusively in Günzburg. It was the first manufacturer ever to be audited by TÜV North in 2010 with the certified proof of origin "Made in Germany" and grants a quality guarantee of 15 years on all standard products. The company again ended its financial year with increased sales and has been on course for growth for over 120 years now. Günzburger Steigtechnik employs about 380 people at its company headquarters in Günzburg.

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