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Seminar "Inspection and maintenance of portable fire brigade ladders and mobile containers"


Course targeted at the fire service and aid organisations

Portable fire brigade ladders

For portable fire service ladders, rescue platforms and mobile containers, specific knowledge is needed that goes far beyond the requirements of operational ladder inspection. This course is suitable for people involved in regular and company fire services, voluntary fire service personnel, fire service equipment maintenance personnel and similar people in aid organisations.


  • Portable fire service ladders
  • Rescue platforms
  • Mobile containers
  • Practical and efficient inspections and tests
  • Tips and ideas on maintenance and repair
  • How to use the ladder test stand
  • Use, maintenance and inspection of mobile containers

Course content for portable fire service ladders and rescue platforms

  • Explanation of legal principles and regulations
  • Assembly and labelling of ladders
  • Information on attachments and accessories
  • Safe handling and correct and proper use
  • Identifying damage with practical examples
  • Practical and efficient inspection and testing of ladders – standard methods and using the optional ladder test stand
  • Identification of repair options and use of special tools

Course content for mobile containers

  • Legal bases and regulations for mobile containers
  • Basics for the safe operation of mobile containers
  • Roll container types (series and special) and braking systems
  • Use of accessories
  • Recognising damage to mobile containers
  • Inspection and maintenance of mobile containers incl. documentation
  • Spare parts and repair options
11/12/ - 12/12/2023
12:30 - 16:00
89340 Leipheim

Target group

As the market leader in fire brigade ladders, we offer our customers and dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a specialist seminar for the regular inspection of ladders, rescue platforms and mobile containers in use by fire brigades and aid organisations.

Course cost

The cost is 449.00 euros plus VAT per participant and includes drinks, food and comprehensive documents for all participants.


Day 1: 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Day 2: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The knowledge acquired can be used generally and is not restricted to specific manufacturers. We also organise company-specific events. Send us your enquiry!


Further information on our complete range of seminars can be found on our service pages.

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Campus Team

11/12/ - 12/12/2023
12:30 - 16:00
89340 Leipheim