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eRC – The electrically driven mobile container

Revolutionary equipment transportation

Always the right drive for your application

The eRC – the electrically driven mobile container – enables the easy, ergonomic and comfortable transport of materials and equipment to where they are needed. Where emergency vehicles can go no further and conventional mobile container systems have reached their limits, the eRC is just getting started:

thanks to the wheels' powerful, electric drive, even heavy equipment can be transported quickly and safely in impassable terrain and through narrow alleyways.

Powerful aid

A payload of up to 1,000 kg and a footprint of 1,300 x 850 mm make the eRC the all-rounder for transportation needs: Euro-pallets, IBC tanks and mesh pallets are easy for one person to transport using the eRC. Leveraging the optional loading ramp, mobile containers can also be loaded and transported in accordance with AGBF recommendations.

Overcome obstacles

Ledges and obstacles such as kerbs up to 25 cm in height are navigated autonomously, saving your valuable time and strength when it counts. Even stairs are mastered by this smart and powerful transport system.

A torque of 900 N is applied to each drive wheel. The electric drive is almost silent and completely emission-free. An E-canister (high performance lithium-ion battery) covers up to 2.5 km or an operating time of 2 hours, depending on the payload and number of drive wheels.

The best materials. Innovative systems. No compromises.

Designed for reliability

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Operating controls

  • Drawbar with operating controls for forward and reverse travel
  • Horn & ignition key
  • Residual current circuit breaker
  • Button for optional lighting
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  • High-performance lithium-ion battery with integrated charge level indicator
  • Voltage: 48 V
  • Capacity: 30 Ah
  • Power: 1,400 W


  • Base frame made of solid but lightweight, aluminium screw channel profile
  • Sturdy and robust aluminium front body
  • Standard paint finish in RAL 3000 Flame red Further colour variations possible
  • Emergency stop switch

Drive wheel

  • Fully rubberised tread suitable for asphalt and off-road
  • Central tread, all-terrain deep, off-road tread pattern on outer edges
  • Diameter: 530 mm
  • Tread width: 161 mm
  • Torque: 900 N (per wheel)
  • Emission-free, internal electric hub motor with negative brake


  • Diameter: 500 mm
  • Tread width: 210 mm
  • All-terrain deep tread
Configure the eRC according to your needs.

Optional equipment

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Remote control device

  • Wireless control
  • Perfect all-round visibility while driving
  • Emergency stop button
  • Button for optional lighting
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Loading ramp

  • Facilitates loading of mobile containers
  • Available in different lengths
  • Sturdy and flexible aluminium structure
  • Slip class R 9
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Additional E-canister

  • Even longer operating time
  • 2x high-performance lithium-ion batteries with integrated charge status display

All-wheel drive

  • Three driven wheels
  • For extreme ground conditions and obstacles up to a height of 25 cm
  • Total torque of 2,700 N
Features, equipment details and functions

eRC product video

Revolutionary equipment transportation

eRC in operation

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