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Material for special ladders


Ladders made of GFRP offer the perfect properties for special challenges. Find out what makes GFRP such a special material, how we use it for ladders and where these ladders are used.

Glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP)


Glass-fibre reinforced plastic, or GFRP for short, is a fibre-plastic composite. Colloquially, the material is also called fibreglass. Glass-fibre reinforced plastics are considered a high-quality fibre-plastic composite with high elongation at break, high elastic energy absorption, but relatively low stiffness (lower than aluminium).

Advantages of GFRP

Plus points

  • Excellent corrosion properties, even in aggressive environments (chemically resistant and incombustible)
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Low thermal conductivity

Properties of ladders made from GFRP

Product properties

  • GFRP ladders are resistant to corrosion
  • Suitable for working around chemical substances (acids and alkalis)
  • Suitable for working near or on live parts
    • Our full GFRP ladders are tested up to 28,000 volts in accordance with DIN EN 61478:2002 Category 1
    • Our GFRP/Aluminium ladders are tested up to 1,000 volts in accordance with DIN EN 61478:2002 Clause 6.5.1 and A1:2004 Category 1
    • Our GFRP ladders can also be used in accordance with DIN EN 50528 VDE 0682-712 Insulating ladders for use on or near low voltage electrical installations. The relevant test requirements of DIN EN 61478 VDE 0682-711 Live working – Ladders of insulating material, according to which our GFRP ladders have been tested, are comparable to those of DIN EN 50528
    • In practice, electricians often use wooden ladders. However, for work on or near live parts, generally only GFRP ladders are permitted as appropriately tested ladders
  • The heat insulating properties offer advantages when working on GFRP ladders in warmer environments
  • Although GFRP ladders offer very good electrical insulation, they can become statically charged. Therefore they are not suitable for use in EX zones. There is also no reason to use electrically dissipative ladder shoes with GFRP ladders

What to consider:

  • When transporting and storing GFRP ladders, bear in mind that GFRP is sensitive to impact
  • Grinding, cutting or sawing GFRP produces fine dusts and chips that can affect human health and impair the functionality of machines and equipment
  • Ladders made of plastic (GFRP) or containing these substances should be stored away from direct sunlight (UV light)
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