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Ladders and step stools


Depending on the frequency of use and environmental factors, ladders must be maintained regularly. This includes cleaning, functional testing of moving parts and lubrication if required.

Maintaining ladders


  • Treat heavy soiling with warm water and commercially available cleaning agent and then dry the ladder with a clean cloth. Do not use cleaning agents containing solvents.
  • If necessary, treat moving parts, e.g. hinges, lifting lock, spring bolts, with commercially available spray grease (e.g. HHS 2000).
  • Do not use oil for lubrication. Make sure that rungs, steps and step surfaces are not soiled and do not become soiled by grease or oil. Should this be the case, clean the soiled points all around, e.g. with alcohol.

Storage tip

Store ladders and step stools in a dry place and away from UV light.