Nivello ladder foot, atmospheric image | © MUNK GmbH

The latest generation of nivello® ladder shoe

nivello® has made the ladder shoe movable, setting new standards in the stability of our ladders. We have defined a new standard with an integrated joint and 4 times the contact area on the ground than our conventional ladder shoes – and we are now going one step further...
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Are you ready for the new generation?

Nivello ladder foot, replacing foot plate | © MUNK GmbH

The new nivello® ladder shoe stands out visually, at the same time as having innovative functions, like intelligent 2-axis inclination technology or practical working angle control. The foot plates of the patented system can also be replaced quickly and easily, ensuring perfectly safe stability every time.

Innovative functions for even greater stability

nivello® ladder shoes compensate for minor unevenness in the ground and, thanks to their continuous full contact surface, ensure excellent work safety on the most diverse surfaces: on slippery, smooth or uneven surfaces, as well as on gratings.

The benefit for you: today, as before, nivello® ladder shoes are standard equipment on our ladders, at no extra charge, where technically feasible. Added-value ladders are our maxim for your safety and in line with our “Climb smart” company slogan.

nivello® standard foot plate

The standard nivello® foot plate (Shore hardness 85) is suitable for all surfaces and, in the event of wear and tear, can simply be replaced by unscrewing two screws. The grooved surface acts as an indicator of wear: worn points indicate that the foot plate needs to be replaced.

nivello® foot plate for smooth surfaces

The nivello® foot plate with a considerably lower Shore hardness is recommended for smooth or slippery surfaces and guarantees even greater slip resistance in challenging working environments.

nivello® foot plate for gratings

A larger nivello® foot plate is available specifically for use on gratings. It offers excellent stability with a contact area 25 times larger than our conventional ladder shoes and profiling optimised for use on gratings.

Nivello ladder foot, inclined three times | © MUNK GmbH

More contact area

4 times larger contact area than with our conventional ladder shoes

Electrically conductive

Also available electrically conductive

2-axis inclination technology

With the 2-axis inclination technology of the integrated joint, the nivello® ladder shoe delivers perfect full-surface floor contact

Patented system

DE 10 2013 003 920 A1

Interchangeable foot plates

The grooved foot plates of the nivello® ladder shoe can be replaced by removing two screws and are available as a spare part in different Shore hardnesses and sizes. A cost-effective and resource-conserving solution.
  • nivello® foot plate, standard
  • nivello® foot plate for smooth surfaces
  • nivello® foot plate for gratings
  • Foot plates available as single parts

Work angle check

The work angle check shows the correct and safe work angle of the ladder. If the triangular marking is between or opposite the two arrows, the ladder is correctly positioned at the correct and safe working angle.

We immediately set a new benchmark in terms of the stability of ladders some ten years ago with nivello® technology. By extending compensation to two axes, we have now succeeded in further improving stability and working safety for users with the second generation. However, added flexibility was also important to us. We achieve this with interchangeable foot plates. And users also benefit from the working angle control integrated in the ladder shoe.

I am thrilled that we are able to offer you extensive added value with the new nivello® generation.

Ferdinand Munk
Managing Director