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Mobile container breathing apparatus

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Product type
Respiratory protection
Business division
MUNK Rettungstechnik
Article no.


  • Battery system with voltage converter 230 V-12 V with MagCode socket and wiring of all fitted charging systems
  • For holding:
  • 4x breathing apparatus (1 canister)
  • 1x small extinguisher AFR backpack
  • 1x fire extinguisher CO2
  • 1x Halligan tool
  • 2x hose cages C
  • 5x hand lamp including charging cradle
  • 3x handheld radio including charging cradle
  • 1x respiratory protection monitoring chart
  • 2x pressure hose B75 20 m
  • 2x fog nozzle C
  • 2x shut-off valve
  • 1x distributor B-CBC
  • 3x coupling wrench ABC
  • 2x adapter B-C
  • 1x surface hydrant wrench
  • Various Euroboxes (400 x 300 x 285 mm) for holding:
  • 2x bag with 2 smoke hoods each
  • 1x rescue blanket
  • 2x roll barrier tape
  • 2x fire service line with bag
  • 4x multi-range filter
Scope of supply
  • Mobile container: 1 x

Comparison table

Product name Mobile container breathing apparatus Mobile container breathing apparatus Wooden structure Mobile container breathing apparatus Double canister devices
Product type Respiratory protection Wooden structure Double cylinder devices
Business division MUNK Rettungstechnik MUNK Rettungstechnik MUNK Rettungstechnik
Article no. REF-7274459 REF-7136014 REF-7247801

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