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Mobile container hydraulic rescue equipment

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MUNK Rettungstechnik
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  • For holding:
  • 1x hydraulic unit E70 W COAX
  • 1x cutting unit RSU 200-107 Plus
  • 1x spreader SP53 BS
  • 1x cutter S50
  • 1x rocker panel attachment
  • 4x stabilisation blocks Stab-Pack
  • 1x support system Stab-Fast aluminium
  • 1x pressure plate front
  • 1x pressure plate rear
  • 1x Halligan tool
  • 1x telescopic rescue ram RST 2-1500
  • 1x telescopic rescue ram RST 2-1500
  • 1x rescue ram Crossrammer RZ 1-1810
  • 1x rescue ram RZ 3-1640
  • 1x glass management in case
  • 1x cordless reciprocating saw in case
  • 1x Eurobox (600 x 400 x 270 mm) for storing 1x splinter protection set, 1x patient protection pad PAT-Safe
Scope of supply
  • Mobile container: 1 x

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Product type 1 2
Business division MUNK Rettungstechnik MUNK Rettungstechnik
Order no. REF-7179981 REF-7248729

Reference model

With our reference models, we provide you with a selection of individual roll containers to illustrate the variety and possibilities of our designs. We would also be happy to manufacture mobile containers for your needs - please contact us!

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