Screw-on castors | © Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH
Screw-on castors | © Günzburger Steigtechnik GmbH
Order no.: 019846

Screw-on castors

€ 99.00
RRP without VAT
For ladders with depth of side-rail [mm]
  • Weight: 1.638 kg
  • Order no.: 019846
  • Price: € 99.00
  • Spring-loaded castor for the lower ladder end
  • 1 set = 2 pcs.
  • Note on castor retrofitting: To make moving the double-sided ladders in the unloaded condition easy, the ladder sections must be connected using two detachable metal struts (2 pieces, order no. 19831), which increase stability

Comparison table

Weight 1.638 kg 1.712 kg
Order no. 019846 019847
Price € 99.00 € 99.00
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