Fruit tree for ladders 010010 & 020210 | © MUNK GmbH Fruit tree for ladders 010010 & 020210 | © MUNK GmbH

Fruit tree ladders

Our rung single ladders and two-part rung extension ladders can be equipped with our optional fruit tree supports - including earth spikes - for safe help with pruning and fruit harvesting.

Working safely during harvest and tree pruning

Not only in the fruit garden

We offer fruit tree ladders with 10, 12 and 14 rungs: For our rung single ladders without crossbar and the two-part rung extension ladders with the corresponding number of rungs, there are optional matching fruit tree supports including earth spikes as accessories. This prevents the fruit tree ladder from slipping away on the earthy ground and you will always find room to safely set up the ladder between the branches of the trees (not only fruit trees).

The fruit tree supports are designed in such a way that the ladder is set up a little steeper than our other ladders: The fruit tree ladder is set at an angle of 75°.

Please note for your safety: 

  • After mounting the fruit tree supports: max. load capacity of the original ladder reduced to 100 kg
  • Position the supports at the same angle
  • The stability decreases with increasing climbing height
  • The topmost rungs of the ladder are for holding on and must not be climbed
  • Use only on level ground
  • Please note our "Fruit Tree Ladder Assembly and Use Instructions" (Downloads)

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