Delivery information

  • Additional costs and charges will be incurred for deliveries outside Germany and the EU.
  • An island surcharge will be levied for deliveries to islands.
  • Deliveries are made during normal business hours. Deliveries outside normal business hours are possible, however these will require a special journey / special delivery service. We are happy to quote you for the additional costs incurred on request.
  • The cost of a redelivery is €40.00.
  • Any changes to the delivery address while the product is in transit will cost €40.00.
  • Any storage of the delivery in the warehouse is associated with additional storage costs from the 1st day after shipping. The costs are 0.25% of the invoice amount for the products to be stored for each elapsed week.
  • A fee of €50.00 will be charged for express deliveries within Germany.
  • For duplicated orders, the costs of transport to and from the delivery location will be charged.
  • In case of wrong orders we charge a handling fee of 45 €, which will be deducted from the credit note.


  • To avoid failed delivery attempts, in future all deliveries will be notified to the recipient at least 24 hours before delivery via a technical notification. An e-mail address or mobile phone number is required for this. We will charge a flat rate of €2.50 for this service.
  • We may also offer you the following Depot Notification. In this case, a personal telephone call to a GEL depot will be made at least 24 hours before delivery. Price per shipment: €6.50.