Service is trust.

Access solutions are a matter of trust, as well as Rescue Technology and Service.

Those who work at height must do it safe. Reliable and high-quality access solutions is the most important thing. Moreover, whoever responds to a fire and disaster must be able to rely on his/her equipment. For their own safety and to rescue life. Moreover, it always comes to it and above all to the fact that all the products are in a safe and perfect condition.

MUNK SERVICE is your professional AFTER-SALES service partner for the access solutions and rescue technology. Maintenance, repair, testing, installation, spare parts procurement and training.

As a service company of GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK we are your specialist with years of experience and expertise. You can rely on us. For your,  your employees and your customers safety. Keep your equipment in perfect condition and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Ladder testing? Repair of scaffolding and ladders? Installation of vertical ladders? Maintenance of fire equipment? Installation of special structures? Training to become a competent person? We are always at disposal. 

Conveniently situated on the A8 and A7, we are well connected and quickly on site. Our service technicians are professionals, trained by and at GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK. They have learned access and rescue systems from the ground up, are committed and at your disposal as specialists for our proper and professional services for you.

We are highly focussed on a service-oriented and personal attention. Benefit from our high service standards: We convert your requirements reliably, carefully and dutifully into reality. Fast, economical and with expertise. Directly from a specialist and from a single source.


Service ⋅  Maintenance ⋅ Repair ⋅ Inspection ⋅ Installation

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