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Fit for access technology

Our seminars provide you with all the important information you need for the theory and practice of testing access and rescue equipment of all kinds.

Do you know whether you're still allowed to use a slightly damaged ladder, or do you know how to repair it? Up to what step can I climb a ladder and what is the difference between a traffic route and a workplace? Answers to all these questions are provided by our various seminars on all aspects of access technology.

Our campus seminars at a glance

  • Ladders, step stools & mobile scaffolding
    One-day seminar for all those who want to carry out an independent inspection and assessment of ladders, step stools and mobile scaffolding
  • Fixed access technology
    One-day seminar in order to be able to test and assess permanently mounted vertical and shaft ladders on one's own responsibility afterwards
  • Vertical ladder working day
    Practical working day for installation companies, specialist dealers and architects who plan and install fixed access technology
  • Portable fire brigade ladders
    Expert seminar for members of fire brigades and aid organisations who are responsible for recurrent inspections and maintenance of fire service ladders and rescue platforms
  • Testing and maintenance of mobile containers
    Expert seminar for members of fire brigades and aid organisations who are responsible for the inspection and maintenance of mobile containers. Current changes in the regulations for the testing of fire service ladders are also dealt with in this seminar.
  • In-house seminars
    The cost-effective and flexible alternative at your site or at ours with individually adapted seminar contents tailored to your requirements for all access technology topics

Refer to our website for detailed information, along with options for registering for the various seminars we offer, as well as the next start dates

Dates & registration

What we offer

  • Manufacturer-independent one-day seminars on a variety of subjects
  • Numerous seminar dates at various locations across Germany
  • Training content in accordance with the latest standards and regulations
  • Expert knowledge from experienced seminar leaders and speakers
  • Practical training with demo objects and fault diagrams
  • Hints and ideas on maintaining and repairing access technology
  • Documents and digital options for optimum ladder testing
  • Comprehensive training material to take away
  • Up to two VDSI training points per seminar

Our seminar leaders

  • Communicate knowledge in an expert yet friendly way
  • Show how access technology can be tested and organised in a time-optimised manner
  • Provide information on wear limits and reasons for rejection
  • Present feasible repair options
  • Speak openly about hazardous situations and mistakes users make

VDSI points

Our seminars "Ladders, Steps & Rolling Scaffolds", "Fixed Access Equipment" and "Ladder Work Day" are recognised by the VDSI e.V. and are each awarded two further training points. The seminars are therefore suitable as further training for occupational safety specialists in accordance with § 5, Para. 3 ASiG and DGUV Regulation 2.

In-house seminars

Bringing knowledge to your door

In addition to our fixed-date campus seminars, we can also come to you to train your staff on your premises. We adapt the subjects and times to suit your requirements. Our in-house seminars can be compiled from the following content:

  • Ladders and step stools
  • Small and mobile scaffolding
  • Vertical ladders
  • Shaft ladders
  • GÜFA fall protection devices
  • Portable fire service ladders
  • Rescue platforms
  • Mobile containers
  • Stairs and bridging steps, special designs
  • Advice on occupational safety for access technology

The benefits for you

  • Adaptation of seminar content to operational requirements
  • Customised timing, including after-hours
  • No travel costs for staff
  • Adapted to your own ideas for access technology
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