When the standard does not fit: Our customised access solutions!

Do you also have to go up, down or over?
And do that as safe as possible, as efficiently, and as optimally as possible?

The GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK with a 1600 products standard program – from the ladder on the scaffolding up to the work platform – Your competent partner for safe, reliable, and high-quality access solutions.

And sometimes even the biggest range is not enough for more complex requirements or specific problems. Then an individual, customised solution is asked for. To ensure safety at work. To make work and production processes more efficient. In order to be permanently more cost effective.

Whether maintenance platform, working platform, walkway or bridging step. Whether for commercial or rail vehicles, for aviation or industrial plants. Customised access solutions provide effective, and reliable solutions for all work at height. Always fits like a cast-on and is economical.

Working, and maintenance platforms with motorised drives follow the trend. They allow flexible, and highly precise results in one-man operation. Powered adjustable platforms are faster, safer, and more precise in control than manual platforms, simply by pressing a button. In addition, the user saves cost-intensive changeover times, and reduces the risk of falling.


And where can we bring you safely up and down?

Find out here shortly our range of special solutions, and for information that is more detailed ask for our catalogue “Special solutions”

Infomaterial consignment



Is your solution is not listed?

No problem. We are happy to provide advice, and practical help




Service is our strength.

A good project planning is half the solution. We implement your ideas and desires professionally and cost-oriented: From planning to final assembly. We need only some basic data from you so that our specialists can start.

Make it easy – simply use of our inquiry form!

Or send us your requirements to work out your individual special solution. From person to person. We rely on personal advice, exchange, and individual project planning.


Customised access solutions – your advantage

  • “Made in Germany” with 15 years quality guarantee
  • Consulting and project planning on site
  • Individual finishing according to your requirements
  • Dimensionally accurate manufacturing
  • Functional and cost-effective solutions
  • Maximum work safety
  • Fast delivery
  • Compliance with all relevant regulations, for example, from BetrSichV, UVV / BGI, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, DIN, EN, ISO


Documentation of each major special construction

The GÜNZBURGER STEIGTECHNIK delivers a detailed information package for each major special solution. This package will familiarize you with the equipment, and help you to work easily with your special design.

In addition to safety instructions, the documentation includes instructions for proper use, installation as well as the technical data and the exact startup process. This is based on a risk assessment according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. To meet the safety requirements, a manufacturer’s declaration is reproduced in each documentation for the respective solution.


Quality guarantee

For our products we select the best materials and most suitable manufacturing processes. Our company has been awarded certification in accordance with European standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and has an operational quality assurance management. For this reason, we can give you a guarantee of fifteen years on our products. The guarantee does not cover motor drives or additional electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic equipment or its supply lines – the legal regulation applies here.

The guarantee shall start on the day of purchase; invoices or sales slips shall serve as proof. The guarantee shall cover all material, workmanship or construction faults, which we have to answer for. Damage which can be traced back to natural wear, incorrect handling or modification shall not be covered by the guarantee. In case of guarantee we shall perform subsequent improvement or provide a replacement.

Special designs for …

Commercial vehicles



Rail vehicles






Industrial equipment



Outdoor facilities and buildings