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Stationary emergency vertical ladder systems with back protection, holding fixtures, platforms

DIN 14094-1 Fire service / emergency ladder systems

  • Amended standard published in April 2017
  • Compared to the standard issued in 2004, the following amendments were made
    • The title of the standard was changed, emergency ladder system without back protection was removed, i.e. emergency ladders cannot, as previously, be designed without back protection for potential fall heights up to 5.0 m. The regulation that back protection must start between 2,200 mm and 3,000 mm in the entry area still applies.
    • Terms were added or amended, including emergency ladder systems allowing self-rescue, but also allowing other persons to be rescued (e.g. by the fire brigade). Within the meaning of this standard, persons who can rescue themselves are persons who are physically and mentally able to use an emergency ladder system independently in compliance with this standard.
    • Dimensions and requirements relating, among other things, to back protection have been revised and, where possible, adapted to DIN 18799-1 (vertical ladders on buildings with side rails) and DIN EN ISO 14122-4 (stationary accesses to mechanical systems).
    • Regulations for access protection fixtures and extendible ladder parts have been included, including the fact that, when lowered, the rungs of the lower ladder segment and the extended emergency descent ladder must be at the same height.
    • The dimensioning loads on platforms were revised: Vertical load 4.0 kN/m2 (previously 3.5 kN/m2) Single load 2.0 kN (previously 1.5 kN).
    • Specifications for assembly and operating instructions were revised, including the fact that they must include information on repeat tests and maintenance.
    • The changes to the new DIN 14094-1 have been taken into account in all the relevant products in our product range.