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Mobile access and working platforms made of prefabricated elements

DIN EN 1004-1

  • Mobile scaffolding, folding scaffolding and mobile working platforms are subject to DIN EN 1004-1
  • Part 1 governs the materials, dimensions, design loads and safety requirements
Additions and amendments
  • Technically and editorially revised standard
  • Published: February 2021
  • Transitional period (DOW = date of withdrawal) November 2021
  • The definition of a mobile working platform was changed and concretised and the standard was revised editorially and technically
  • The standard applies to mobile working platforms as temporary work equipment indoors (standing height up to 12.0 m) and outdoors (standing height up to 8.0 m), the standing height 0 m to 2.5 m was newly included
  • The standard does not apply to scaffolding compliant with EN 12810-1 (façade scaffolding) and EN 12811-1 (work scaffolds)
  • Mobile working platforms are allowed to consist only of a single scaffolding bay structure and only one deck surface (usually the top one) is allowed to be used as a working level
  • It must be possible to assemble, disassemble or convert the mobile working platform without the use of personal fall protection equipment. Technical (e.g. protective assembly railings) or organisational solutions (e.g. 3-T method) are therefore required
  • Maximum vertical distance of 2.25 m between deck surfaces and 3.40 m between the ground and the first deck surface
  • Liquid or granular materials can also be used as ballast if they are supplied by the manufacturer in impact-resistant and sealable containers
  • Clarification that mobile working platforms are not to be used as anchorage points for personal protective equipment against falls from height (exception: when they are specifically designed by the manufacturer for this purpose and in accordance with the applicable standards)
  • The changes due to the new DIN EN 1004-1 have already been taken into account for the respective products in the range